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How to make rock candy edible geodes. This rock candy recipe that I developed for geodes is fairly easy to make and they are a pretty addition to any cake or just as a gift on their own.
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39 thoughts on “Rock Candy Edible Geode HOW TO cook that Rock Candy Recipe Ann Reardon

  1. Neslisaurus says:

    I'm sorry, I had to mute the video because your pronounciation was bugging me too much.. but still great video!

  2. Katraca Leigh says:

    Is it possible to make this in humid conditions? do I have to change anything to make it work?

  3. Miriam Stodolová says:

    Looks cool..Only one thing I would like to know..How do you eat that? How does it taste? …or do you even eat that?

  4. Kailey chapman says:

    to the people who disliked this: Y U NO LIKE VIDEO?!
    To the people who liked this video: You 'rock'! (get it? rock- geode? no, ok i'll stop now -_-)

  5. Weegeefan9001 says:

    Is it possible to add vanilla flavouring or any sort of flavouring for the sugar syrup?

  6. Ben Goldberg says:

    You would have a more rocklike color if you used King Arthur's Black Cocoa instead of regular cocoa powder.

  7. Seira Akitoshi says:

    omg, you have the simplest and prettiest recipes. I wish I saw this and your channel sooner because I'm looking for great treats to make. subscribed~!

  8. Kristallflamme says:

    I don´t understand why you make a video if you are ill or have an allergy and second I would never eat something from your handmade things cause of the ring on your hand.

  9. Justin Sanderson says:

    I'm making two at the moment and one of them is forming a crystalized sheet on the top. Is that normal?

  10. Naomi Faria says:

    what is so bad about these methods that nearly 1000 people disliked the video. it's sugar,and more sugar and then some chocolate. What's not to LIKE. I LOVE IT!

  11. Krepap kid says:

    Hi Ann I'm also from Australia just wondering why do you call it candy instead of lollies just wondering

  12. Jetty JetJet says:

    Can't you make 2 chocolate egg halves (extra thick!), line them with fondant, fill, seal, and turn everyday? I think that's what that kid did..

  13. Anne Marie Benoit says:

    It's beautiful and this is a good tutorial, but I've been trying to think how to make this taste good so it's worth the effort as more than a centre piece! Excuse me while I go research how to make flavoured rock candy and see if there is a flavour that might actually go with chocolate. Chocolate plus a layer of sugar? Huh? What's the point?!! If anything the sugar would detract from the flavour of the chocolate.

    I did have one thought that might be legitimately amazing: make candy rock geodes to serve as cup to drink alcohol out of. When paired with drinks traditionally served with a rub of sugar around the rim it would probably be amazing! The sugar would probably take awhile to dissolve all or most of the way so you could get hammered and then have some chocolate! A largish one for a drink shared with friends would be cool at a bachelorette party or something.

  14. Lívia Szabó says:

    niiice ^^ I guess, the sugar just tastes like sugar, but can we make it somehow tasty? like with liqueur or I dont know, would it still crystalize?

  15. Jamie Strang says:

    I am going to practice this in secret and then I am going to make some of many colors for my daughter's birthday! she wants to be a geologist and geodes are what got her interested in it all

  16. Vampirech1ck says:

    I remember when I first watched this video it seemed like magic I was hooked on the channel

  17. Sarah Dow says:

    Why do you need to put it in a bowl filled with flour? Could I make the geodes small scale in a muffin tin without using the flour? Or should I fill them with flour and then put the foil on top (in the cupcake tins) thanks 🙂

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