19 thoughts on “Edible Review: Sweet Stone’s Chocolate Bears! #CRTV420

  1. SpitFireOrganics says:

    What happen to the two segment vids on your edible reviews. This doesn't show me anything other than you eating a piece of candy….

  2. Goat Lord says:

    Logistics – the detailed coordination of a complex operation involving many people, facilities, or supplies. I take dumps into Cherry Creek (crappy loads of liquid butt).

  3. higler420 says:

    Man, why do they have to put Gelatin in them? The corn syrup is the least of your worries when you're eating leftover muscle and skin tissue. Oh well, always other, more natural options.

    Can't wait til Annie's snacks is making medibles haha

  4. higler420 says:

    Why the fuck are you going to the midwest? It's cold a shit out here, snowy as shit, icy as shit and boring as shit. I thought you moved away from all that crap haha

  5. higler420 says:

    Nic Lav mic. Sounds like the audio is clipping though? Where your levels too high or did you just have to compensate for too low of recording levels?

  6. PunaBeachboy says:

    Dain, are you aware that most store bought food products have "beet sugar",and that means it's been genetically modified/altered brother?   Only if the product says "cane sugar", are you guaranteed real sugar.    all your store bought products that say sugar, actually means beet sugar.     So I wouldn't eat that stuff ever again bro!

  7. zach p says:

    She picked up the bags at the end when dane when to turn he camera off chill out.. Plus I think they both love the natural beauty of CO too much to do so.

    Sweet review man, definitely gonna have to try a chocolate dipped espescially! if i ever see them stocked in my area

  8. KuroiHato69 says:

    I have never liked overly sweet stuff like that but I love your reviews!  BTW, do you remember about how long did the high lasts from these "special bears"??? 

  9. Agent Kodeh says:

    Dain are you Refering to The claudy Bear from Marks Podcast where they had him on ? cuz that guy was Awsome. And  I wish we had Those Gummy meds down here in washington 🙁

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