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At SweetStone Candy we believe that love should be the very first ingredient in all edibles. We want for our products to bring hope to those without it and joy to those who need it. We feel that the energy and love we put into our candies is what makes them special and the energy and love you share with us is what makes us special. We believe in unity and respect and working together for a sweeter and brighter future for us all. Feel Better isn’t just our motto. Since 2011, from Michigan to Colorado and California, it’s been a way of life that we promise to always continue to share with you.

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"I have severe back problems, had three surgeries, along with bone loss in my lower back so it is hard for me to do anything without being in severe pain. Being able to eat SweetStone candy throughout the day helps me to be able to enjoy things again like playing on the floor with my grandbaby or going for walks to the park, it also allows me to do other things without pain like doing dishes and cleaning my house. It also helps me get a good night sleep, I'm am so thankful to the Candyman and anyone that helps him bring his great product to people that need it!"

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